Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Technical Advisor Emilio OdongoTechnical Advisor Emilio Odongo

Alur Kingdom to come up with guidelines on dress code

By Prisca Oroma

Alur Kingdom is set to come out with dress code guidelines in a bid to promote cultural dressing in the kingdom.

According to the Kingdom Technical Advisor  Emilio Odongo; in the recent cultural festivals, some of the attire did not portray Alur culture.

He said that the poor dress code in the kingdom is fuelling teenage pregnancy, rape and defilement in the kingdom

“With the help of the chiefs and the cabinet they are going to came  up with guidelines on dress code for the subjects in the kingdom” he said.

Rwoth Jepther Urom the speaker of chiefs said that there is need to also come out with the dress code for the chiefs because some of the chiefs do not dress appropriately.

“There is need to decide on the right dress code for the chiefs and the occasion to avoid them dressing inappropriately” he added.

Meanwhile Rwoth Philip Ularker Rauni III said that its high time the kingdom had a guideline on dressing and has given a go ahead for the team to come up the dress code guidelines  because it is one of the important cultural  values of the Alur people.


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