Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Executive Director of Alur Kingdom Vincent Ochaya OrachExecutive Director of Alur Kingdom Vincent Ochaya Orach

Lack of structure causing leadership wrangles in the chiefdoms

By Prisca Oroma

Leadership wrangles in Alur Kingdom chiefdoms have been attributed to deliberately ignoring the use of well-known Alur Cultural structures that have existed and been used traditionally for centuries.

Speaking during the council of chiefs meeting, the Speaker of Chiefs Jepther Urom said that chiefs are running their chiefdoms without functional structures hence causing leadership gaps and wrangles in the chiefdoms.

“Most of the chiefs are running  the chiefdoms single handily with no clear structures” he added.

Meanwhile the Prime minister of Puvungu Isaac Oucha Avone blamed the kingdom for lack of strict adherence by all Chiefs, Jagos and Nyilow to the cultural structures in the kingdom which has also affected the chiefdoms.

“The kingdom should first set their structure right with clear roles and responsibilities then the structures at chiefdom level will  also be clear” he said.

However, Rwoth Charles Umbidi said that chiefdom structures are so weak that even the chiefs do not know their Jagiya and there is need for them to come up with their structures to avoid leadership wrangles.

“But I also know that some of the chiefdom have functional structures and those that do not have should work hard to set up their structures” he added.

The Executive Director of Alur Kingdom Vincent Ochaya Orach said that the kingdom has functional structures with clear roles and responsibilities which should be respected.

He however Urged the speaker to create a functional structure within and  outside the council for proper management.


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