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Prince Angala Lawrence the newly appointed Jadipu and the Outgoing Jadipu Vincent Ochaya Orach at Atyak wi nam palacePrince Angala Lawrence the newly appointed Jadipu and the Outgoing Jadipu Vincent Ochaya Orach at Atyak wi nam palace

Prince Angala Lawrence the newly appointed Jadipu and the Outgoing Jadipu Vincent Ochaya Orach at Atyak wi nam palace

By Prisca Oroma

The king of Alur kingdom His Royal Majesty Philip Olarkar Rauni III has promised his people that following the appointment of the new Prime Minister, the complete structure will be ready by January 2022.

During his 11th coronation anniversary, the King, His Royal Majesty Olarker Phillip Rauni III announced a change in leadership by reappointing his first Jadipu and re-deploying the current Jadipu to a Position of Executive Director of the Kingdom a position which has been newly created.  

Speaking during a meeting with his chiefs at his royal palace in Atyak wi Nam in Atyak sub county Zombo district, the King said Ker Alur is very mindful of the communal role of the chiefs for protection of Alur cherished cultural norms, values, and merited rituals.

“To ensure we observe and preserve our cultural identity at all levels in the kingdom, Prince Angala Lawrence will be the Jadipu Ker Alur while Urom Jepther will be the speaker council of chiefs.” He said.

He added that the appointment of a new royal cabinet is a top level restructuring process for proper management of Alur kingdom which needs time and by January 2022 the new cabinet will be announced. 

The newly appointed Prime Minister (Jadipu) of Alur kingdom Prince Lawrence Opar Angala upon appointment said his appointment as the Prime Minister (Jadipu) in Alur kingdom had come timely since he is ready to work towards the development of Alur kingdom.

“I know this position is so challenging that it calls for a high spirit of togetherness between my office, king and the traditional chiefs   if we are to revive the Alur cultural values and good practice of the kingdom which in some cases is still lacking”. Prince Angala said.

He added that with his position he believes this will help him implement the kingdom development programs and revive the Alur cultural values that he has picked up from his predecessor and he will see into it that during his tenure priority will be given to education, cultural development, environment degradation among others.

The outgoing prime minister and now the newly appointed executive director of Alur kingdom Rt. Hon Ochaya Orach Vincent in his part pledged to commit himself and play an oversight and advisory role with the kingdom for proper administration, investment and partnership for the kingdom to strengthen its establishment.

“Am proud to be re-appointed by the king to take on the new office that I believe is another big task that the king has yet again trusted and provided me that I think I take home and will make sure that my area of focus will be on respect for human dignity and equality for all with my top priority being for the youth who should change their mind set of being idle without thinking of their future” Hon Ochaya said.

A cross section of the Alur subject up on receiving the announcement of the newly appointed royal cabinet by the king expressed excitement stating that the appointments of the cabinets was long overdue since most of the kingdom activities were getting paralyzed due to lack of some of the key ministerial posts that were vacant.

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