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The new Jadipu being dressed in the royal gownThe new Jadipu being dressed in the royal gown

The new Jadipu being dressed in the royal gown

By Prisca Oroma

The King of Alur His Royal Majesty Olarker Philip Rauni III has reappointed his first Jadipu (Prime Minister) back to his position.

Prince Lawrence Opar Angala who was enthroned with the King was dropped three months later and Hon. Wathum Edwin was appointed as the 2nd Prime Minister until 2015 when Ochaya Vincent was appointed as the 3rd Prime Minister to 30th /October/2021.

The King in his remarks noted that he decided to make peace with his cultural Jadipu for the good of the kingdom and his people.

“The Kingdom will now go through restructuring and we shall bring in people who are willing to work for the good and development of our kingdom but we shall not drop Hon. Ochaya as he will be given new assignment” he said  

Prince Lawrence said that he is happy that he has returned to his right position because he has been in exile close to 11 years and it was not easy for him since the position of Jadipu according to Alur culture was vacant but now he is willing to take up his responsibilities and support the King and also bring sanity to the kingdom.

He said that there are so many land conflicts going on which have not been resolved, he is going to work hard to ensure that all these are addressed in order to bring peace between the conflicting parties.

Hon. Ochaya Vincent Orach who accepted the new task said he is willing to work with the new Prime Minister in order to bring development to the kingdom.

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