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The chief of war- palara chiefdom Jean Fautin Rwothing'a Ugwaru Nyipir III during the celebrationThe chief of war- palara chiefdom Jean Fautin Rwothing'a Ugwaru Nyipir III during the celebration

The chief of War- palara Chiefdom Jean Fautin Rwothing’a Ugwaru Nyipir III during the celebration 

By Prisca Oroma


The chief of War Palara Jean Faustin Rwothing’a Ugwaru Nyipir III this year celebrated 25 years of his reign with the call for all the Alur people to unite and forget about the past differences cause by the separation of Nyipir and Nyabongo which is continuing to affect even the current generation.

Speaking during the celebration at his palace at War-Palara On Saturday 24th April, the chief called for peace among the Alur people living both in Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo because they have the same origin that is from Nyipir.

“there is no need to fight one another. What we need is to support each one of the Alur people and promote our good culture so that we can develop our land which is still lagging behind due to the in-fighting among the people” he said.

In his speech Hon. Ochaya Vincent Orach the Prime minister of Alur Kingdom promised good collaboration and cooperation between the Alur in Uganda and DR Congo for unity.

He said that peace is the most important thing for development and all should endeavor to promote peace starting from their homes.

“I promised that we shall organize and see that his Majesty the King of Alur Olarker Philip Rauni III to visit his people in DR Congo as a sign of togetherness and peace” he said.

The celebration brought together chiefs from the different chiefdoms within DR Congo and Uganda.


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