Wed. Apr 10th, 2024
Rwoth Madir Odong of Puvungu speaking during a meeting with Government officials.

Rwoth Madir Odong of Puvungu speaking during a meeting with Government officials.

By Prisca Oroma

Traditional chiefs in Alur Kingdom have decried the level at which they have been left out in participating in all government programs.

Speaking during a consultative meeting on Monday at GAF conference, Rwoth Odong Madir the chief of Puvungu said that they have been stripped of their powers to mobilize and also benefit from all government programs.

He noted that for long, as traditional chiefs, district leaders have failed to engage the Alur chiefdoms from taking part in all government activities which has affected service delivery.

“All along government leaders, if they are budgeting they don’t involve us in the process and we are not always in the know of what they have done or are doing, our opinions are also never captured” he said.

Charles Ombidi the tradition chief Ker Kwonga Panyimur sub county blamed the local leaders for not respecting the chief’s and always marginalizing the cultural institutions from carrying out their mandate.

“we don’t benefit from government programs and we are never informed of what happens in our areas” he said

Rt.Hon. Ochaya Vincent Orach said that they had agreed to work with the local governments but this has not been forthcoming therefore it is time that they are reminded that the chiefs are very important when it comes to the issues of service delivery in the district.

 “If we want improvement in services, then the chiefs are the entry point because they are greatly listened to and respected. The districts need to consult and involve the chiefs right from the budget process because they are the owners of the land and they demand a lot of respect in the community” he said.

He said that with collaboration between the districts and Alur kingdom, there will be improved service delivery .

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