Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
The king speaking during his 11th coronation anniversary at AtyakThe king speaking during his 11th coronation anniversary at Atyak

The king speaking during his 11th coronation anniversary 

By Prisca Oroma


The King of Alur His Royal Majesty Olarker Philip Rauni III has urged parents to send back their children especially girls to school when the government decides to open school next year.

While speaking during his 11th coronation anniversary at Atyak Palace recently, the King said that parents and the government should allow girls who might have gotten pregnant to also return to school.

“I also call upon partners to support us in our research on teenage girls and their boyfriends so that they can be rehabilitated” he said.

He said that the kingdom is committed to promoting equal rights to everybody, particularly rights of women, girls and children.

“We are determined to remove all cultural practices which hinder children’s and women’s rights. We particularly oppose child marriage, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, rape and defilement of women and young girls” he added.

Meanwhile the state minister for northern Uganda Grace Freedom Kwiocwiny Said early marriage and teenage pregnancy is the main cause of health problems and poverty in the community and there is need for all stakeholders to come work together to fight this vice.

“Over 12,000 girls have gotten pregnant in greater Nebbi since the closure of the school last year and this has led to increased poverty” she said.

Rt.Hon. Vincent Ochaya Orach the Prime Minister Alur Kingdom said There was introduction of marriage certificates and registers which were given to the Chiefs in a bid to fight teenage pregnancy and early marriage in their Chiefdoms and this is doing well.

“UNFPA gave the Kingdom funds which were used to sensitize a total of 60 cultural leaders in the districts of Zombo and Pakwach on their roles in fighting teenage pregnancy and early child marriage during the Covid-19 pandemic all these are efforts being put to fight teenage pregnancy and marriage” he said.

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