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Baifa Wanican OC In-charge family and child protection unit Nebbi police

Baifa Wanican OC In-charge family and child protection unit Nebbi police

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Alur kingdom is implementing a new Five-Year Strategic Plan (2020-2025) to help the kingdom deliver on its cultural mandate.

The Constitution of Uganda, 1995 and The Institution of Traditional or Cultural Leaders Act, 2019, Sect. 9 clearly defines the role of cultural leaders as: Promote and preserve the cultural values, norms and practices which enhance the dignity and well-being of the people and Promote the development, preservation and enrichment of the people.

But for some time now the good cultural values have been disappearing especially among the youths who have adapted the western culture

According to Jerry Kasamba the project manager Alur kingdom is implementing this plan within a broad framework of Kura Matira Cultural Values as the overarching strategy.

“Kura Matira as used in Alur refers to an ancient tribal philosophy that is grounded in the principles of community/humanness, caring and good conduct,” he said.

He noted that The revival of Kura Matira arises from the recognition of a general loss of these good values and ethics, especially in the younger generation.

“With support from TASO with funding from global the kingdom is implementing ending child and forced marriage through returning to the fireplace under Kura Matira in the three chiefdoms of Aryek, Alwi and Atyak Wi-nam” he added.

Alex Claudius Ocan the Nebbi district HIV/AIDS focal point person and one of the fireplace meeting facilitators said   Young people account for about 45% of new HIV infections worldwide and Young women ages 14-24 years are two-and-a-half times most likely to be infected with HIV than young men of the same age.

“Young women often are unable to negotiate safer sex and condom use with their sexual partners due negative cultural perceptions which bars them to initiate sex” he said.

He said that Early marriage and childbearing in the district especially this period of COVID 19 has greatly impacted the fight against HIV/AIDS and the fireplace meeting has come timely especially for the vulnerable girls.

Baifa Wanican the OC In-charge family and child protection unit Nebbi police station while talking to the girls said that loss of good cultural value among the youths has led to violence against women and girls, and the initiative by Alur kingdom to revive the fireplace will help the girls learn how to protect themselves and what to do when they face challenges.

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