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His Majesty Philip Olarker Rauni III talks to Chiefs and their wivesHis Majesty Philip Olarker Rauni III talks to Chiefs and their wives

His Majesty Philip Olarker Rauni III talks to Chiefs and their wives.

By our Reporter

Although the king of Alur His Majesty Philip Olarker Rauni III came up with the pronouncement banning long stays at traditional marriage ceremonies, chiefs are unable to implement the directive following threats from the youths.

According to Immaculate Mukasa the executive director MEMPROW, in their engagement with the cultural leaders they found out that there are threats from the youths who said they will either kill or burn houses of leaders stopping them from enjoying the traditional marriage ceremony so many of them are scared of implementing this directive.

“Traditional marriage ceremony still takes 2 to 3 days as most of these chiefs are fearing to implement as they fear for their lives” she said

However, His Majesty Olarker Phillip Rauni III said that the traditional marriage ceremony should only be one day because they realized that in the past the ceremonies were good and brought the community together, but today the ceremony is filled with negative things in them it is no longer what it used to be.

“We have seen that most times when you have the week-long ceremonies you end up wasting resources, young girls are coarsed into unspeakable acts, young boys are exposed and encouraged to carry out acts that are against our culture and this cannot be allowed to continue” he said.

He noted that the youths who are threatening the tradition will face the law and the traditional leaders should not fear to implement this directive because it is destroying our youths.

Meanwhile, Patrick Muzinga the clan leader of Parombo admits that implementing the pronouncement has been challenged although some of the chiefdoms are trying hard to implement it.

“Most chiefs have failed to earn respect from the youths due to the way they represent themselves in the communities and that is why they can easily be threatened” he added. 

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