Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Bob Opio AG

Opio Bob okecha the Attorney General Alur kingdom  

By Prisca Oroma


Alur kingdom has join other partners in the fight against Covid 19 which has ravage the whole world leading to lock down.

Speaking during the weekly taskforce meeting recently, the prime minister Alur kingdom Rt Hon. Vincent Ochaya Orach said that the kingdom has been using the radio and the set chiefdom structures to sensitize the public on Covid 19

He however noted that the kingdom is faced with the challenge of limited resources to all the grassroots since some chiefdoms are large, therefore not all can be reached.

“During the last lockdown we managed to raise some food items which was handed over to Zombo district and due to limited resource only one district received the relief but this time with sensitization it is being done at chiefdom level” he said.

Bob Opio Okech the Attorney general Alur Kingdom said It should be noted that in the past, such pandemic like measles was also experienced before the vaccines was developed and culturally the affected people and family would isolate and tie ropes or grass around their home to bar people from visiting such a home.

He said that people with Covid 19 should be encourage to isolate or visit the hospital and having Covid 19 is not a death sentence but all need to unite to fight this pandemic.

Meanwhile the Medical Superintendent Nebbi General Hospital said that due to stigma most people are suffering from the virus silently and many come to the hospital when their case is now critical.

“People should be encouraged to go to the hospital because early detection can lessen the fatality of the virus and also need for psyco-socio support for the patients due to the stigma”.


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