Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Jackline Opar speaking during the meeting of spouses for chiefs Jackline Opar speaking during the meeting of spouses for chiefs 

Jackline Opar speaking during the meeting of spouses for chiefs 

By Prisca Oroma

Alur kingdom in partnership with Action Aid International Uganda to start an awareness campaign among the spouses of wives of all the chiefs of Alur kingdom in a bid to address some of the challenges women face.

The campaign is geared towards promoting positive an innovative cultural practices of reducing early child marriage and teenage pregnancies, land, property rights among others.

Women are silently facing Challenges related to sexual exploitation and gender based violence, land wrangle and witchcraft allegations in the communities.

David Asubu, the programs Officer for Actionaid international Uganda for Northern and West Nile regions in his remarks challenged the Spouses of the chiefs to be ambassadors of the fellow women in ensuring violence against them is put to rest.

Asubu also castigates the office of the Nebbi district Chairman for underscoring to provide the international NGO Action Aid Uganda with an office space to address the concerns upsetting women in the district

Micheal Anewa, the Alur Kingdom representative while responding to some of the matters demeaning women says the kingdom highly valued women in the society. Anewa says in the recent past, the kingdom with the support from the partners has been engaging the spouses of the chiefs in the fights against the vice.

Evelyn Olama Nam, one of the spouses from Angal chiefdom promised to play a key role in guiding the fellow women in affairs that distress them.

Jacqueline Opar the Thatha division chairperson attributes the continuous teenage pregnancies to the traditional marriage system in the kingdom that keeps people for more days that exposes young girls and mothers to such a disease.

The one day convention that attracted selected cultural leaders on how to use culture as a tool in ending harmful practice against women and girls in Nebbi, Zombo and Pakwach Districts is part of West Nile Pre engagement that started in Alur kingdom aimed at involving the spouses in addressing the vice.


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