Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Hon. Vincent Ochaya speaks at the Uganda MuseumHon. Vincent Ochaya speaks at the Uganda Museum

Hon. Vincent Ochaya speaks at the Uganda Museum

By Prisca Oroma


Alur Kingdom has requested the Ugandan government to Gazette Wang-Lei Heritage Site as a listed tourist destination.

 Prime Minister Hon Vincent Ochaya says this will boost tourism to the community and contribute towards education of the young generation.

“We appeal to government through Ministry of Tourism to consider gazetting Wang Lei cultural site as one of the tourism sites in Uganda while on Alur Kingdom annual calendar we will preserve every Feb 18th as Nyipir – Nyabongo Day among the Kingdom event days.”

He said It will be a historical day for both Alur and Acholi communities where they will recognize and remember their great fore fathers Nyipir and Nyabongo and also celebrate their cultural heritage.

Hon Ochaya made the submission during the launch of a book titled: Mitigating the impact of climate change on Uganda’s cultural heritage in the Rwenzori and Alur sub region at the Uganda Museum.

The research was conducted by The Cross Cultural Foundation of Uganda a Non Governmental Organisation promoting heritage and culture as a key aspect of development.

Ochaya pledged to formally write to Ministry of tourism, Gender Ministry and Uganda Tourism Board to actualize and support to formalize the process.

He added that during the celebration next year they plan massive exhibition of different cultural dances and artefacts.

Commissioner for culture in the Gender Ministry Noame Juliana urged other civil society organisations to promote cultural values and implement government programmes to alleviate poverty in society.

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