Fri. Jun 14th, 2024
Dr Hilder Tradia with His majesty Olaker Philip Rauni III after the meetingDr Hilder Tradia with His majesty Olaker Philip Rauni III after the meeting

Dr Hilder Tradia with His majesty Olaker Philip Rauni III

By Our Reporter


Alur kingdom has committed to give priority to the issues of women and promote their rights for the next two years.

During a meeting with MEMPROW Uganda at the palace recently Rt. Hon Vincent Ochaya Orach the prime minister Alur kingdom said the culture has been misrepresented by many which has led to abuse and denial of women their rights

He said There is a need for a mindset because women have been considered to be inferior to men and for long women in the kingdom have failed to have a voice with exception of a few yet with time it has been proved that women are good leaders.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic lock down, women became breadwinners in the homes since most men lost their means of livelihood as many of them where staying home” he observed

He said that for the next two years the kingdom will focus on seriously addressing issues that negatively impact on the lives of women in the kingdom and also advocate for the ban all cultural practices that infringe on their rights especially land rights.

Meanwhile Dr. Hilda Tradia the former Executive director MEMPROW Uganda said that Parental disconnection is real, because parenting has been left to the women while men are shunning their responsibilities and prefer to be by the road side and abusing drugs.

She said Positive masculinity is a value every man should embrace and teach their boy child to respect and support the girls and women while parents should always give equal opportunities to both boys and girls.

“If a man decides to be in a polygamous relationship, he should be ready to divide resources equally to all the wives and the children should be allowed to associate without causing division or being involved in the fight of the parents” she said.

She added that it is good that the kingdom has decided to give priority to issues of women which has not been the case in the past and the women were suffering silently and now they are being given the platform.

Margate Oroma appreciated the kingdom for finally recognizing the contribution of women in the families and giving them a chance to air out their voice.

“Most of us having been suffering silently and did know where to go whenever we had problems but now I am hopeful that this will change” she said. 

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