Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Lucy Adubango speaks to Kingdom chiefs during the MEMPROW Uganda training session.

By Prisca Oroma

The chiefs in Alur Kingdom have been urged to join the fight against gender based violence which is on the increase especially during this time of COVID 19.

While speaking during a training by MEMPROW Uganda recently, Dr. David P.lpiima the facilitator noted that Woman and girls experience sexual gender based violence mainly because of negative traditional practices and it is the responsibility of the chiefs to scrap off some of the negative cultural practices which have continued to negatively impact the lives of women and girls in the kingdom.

“the chiefs have remained so adamant about the vice that is why it is on the increase and now they need to wake up and be exemplary so that they can fight sexual gender based violence” he said.

He said that The chiefs should be supported whenever they are trying to guide their community and the communities should be empowered and always encouraged to point out negative societal beliefs and norms that exclude women and girls.

Lucy Adubango said traditional leaders should emphasis on the dangers of early child marriage which has become common in the community.

“Cohabiting has become the order of the day the chiefs should help and emphasise on the right and legal way of marriage in order to acquire marital rights and be entitled to every property the husband has and also have a voice” she said.

Saeed Odongo the chief Mbaro said that as chiefs they are committed to promote good cultural practices that dignify the women and girls and promote peace and reconciliation.

“in our culture, violence is prohibited and a man who beats his wife is punished by the family because they are to treat women and girls with dignity but this has changed due to the modern way of life” he said.

He added that there is a need for all stakeholders to take the initiatives to combat gender based violence which is eating up the communities.


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