Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Prime Minister speaking during the cultural festival

Prime Minister speaking during the cultural festival

By Prisca Oroma

The cultural leaders have been urged to create safe spaces for women to help them share experiences and look at how they can economically empower themselves because when you look at the global index of poverty, women are poorer than the men.

Agnes Badaru Aga khan foundation said that it is the role of cultural institutions and civil society organizations to design interventions that will skill women like economic empowerment programs and also within the kingdoms, a deliberate effort can be made to train at least five to ten girls in the university every year.

Meanwhile John Obbo, one of the speakers from Save the Maracha girl Said the cultural institutions need to organize and institutionalize these approaches to be able to reach the cultural structures in order to support the women and girls.

Hawa kimbugwe one of the speakers there is Need to resume the fire place although there is a challenge in of technology there is need to encourage the young ones to always spend time with the elders in order to learn and understand the culture so that they can start appreciating it.

“The reason why the culture is diluted today is because colonialism portrayed African culture as barbaric, local, and outdated and does not serve the community yet our culture is communal in nature. There is a need to start having conversations on what to take and leave because the foreign culture is no longer serving us” She said.

The Prime Minister Alur kingdom Lawrence Angala said that the kingdom has programs focusing on empowering girls and women and the king is also passionate about the education of girl child.

“We have been training the spouses of the chiefs on the rights of women so that they can be ambassadors in their chiefdoms in promoting women and girls right” he added.

The Kujieleza Wall, an Arts and Cultural organization in the West recently hosted a Cultural Convention chaired by His Majesty, Dr. King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru of Tooro Kingdom.

The convention gathered cultural leaders and creative industry stakeholders in West Nile for a two day’s convention to celebrate cultural diversity and to deliberate on how to domesticate cultural policies and spin culture as a tool for the development of West Nile as a region.


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