Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
Ethics Commissioner Moses Makumbi with Hon. Vincent Ochaya Orach

Ethics Commissioner Moses Makumbi with Hon. Vincent Ochaya Orach

By our reporter

Good cultural practices are what define a society and every tribe has its own cultural values that are unique but due to influence of western culture, these values are slowly fading especially among the youths, now government of Uganda wants to partner with cultural initiations in order to maintain and protect the good cultural practices visa vie national values in order to fight the moral decay in the country.

Robison Oduka the senior ethics officer in the directorate of ethics and integrity said that Cultural leaders have a lot of power. When they speak, even the government listens; but they are failing to use the power to influence society and promote the good cultural and national values in their communities

“I urge you to work government and change the status quo because the youths need to be brought on board for continuity of these good cultural practices” he added  

He also advised cultural institutions to “work with partners who will put your best interest at heart rather than using you to write good reports to get money from donors” he said.

Meanwhile Moses Makumbi the commissioner ethics and integrity said that as a country there are about 10 values that bind us together and what is left is to see how the traditional values and the national ethical values can be married in a bid to fight immorality which is destroying our values

“Knowing that; the strengths of the Cultural institutions essentially lie in their function to mobilize and manage our society in furthering social norms, traditional practices, and development agenda of its people, the Directorate believes that promoting the National Ethical Values would need concerted efforts and Cultural Leaders are a fundamental Pillar” he said.

He noted that the cardinal aim of the meeting is to encourage the traditional leaders show respect to the values that we have but also promote the national ones that binds us all.

“You have the opportunity to change a society since the people listen to you and the elders more and take it seriously.”

Kenneth Kauta director ethics and integrity in the office of the president said that cultural institutions have values that have been there for a long time and they can never be eroded because they are in-born.

“These cultural values can never be manipulated or compromised but can only be adjusted to fit the current situation” he added.

Meanwhile the Hon. Vincent Ochaya Orach the prime minister Alur kingdom noted that the good Alur cultural practices are being upheld by the chiefs and we as Alur kingdom have strong attachment to the cultural values.

“it is unfortunate that these values have remained with the older people leaving the youths out, and if government has decided to come in to help protect these values, then something will change” he added.

Furthermore, Mr. Bob Opio Okech the Attorney general noted that Alur cultural values are the bricks for ethical conduct, conflict minimization and societal progress which is culturally and historically imparted by adults to the young ones through informal education and at family level which are very useful in peace building therefore the need to be guarded.


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