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Hon. Ochaya Vincent Orach the Prime Minister Alur kingdomHon. Ochaya Vincent Orach the Prime Minister Alur kingdom

Hon. Ochaya Vincent Orach the Prime Minister Alur kingdom

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Government of Uganda has introduced so many programs aimed at fighting poverty in the communities but most of these programs have not impacted so much as people fail to own them, it is on this basis that the traditional chiefs are calling for total involvement in these programs if they are to succeed.

Speaking during an engagement t with directorate for ethics and integrity on Thursday, Hon. Ochaya Vincent Orach the Prime Minister Alur kingdom said that as a kingdom they feel left out by government as they are never involved in any government programs yet these programs directly benefit their subjects.

“the cultural institution can do a lot for government programs to succeed but since the chiefs are not involved in most of these programs, they have failed as the communities fail to own them” he said

He said there is need to involve the cultural leaders and let them be stakeholders because they really feel impeached by government programs when they are just dropped on instead of engaging them.

Madir Odong the chief of Puvungu said the biggest challenge is that they only hear about the government program but they are never involved yet they have so many subjects who pay allegiance to them it could be easier to do the mobilization.

“Instead of using the technical staff only for mobilization we should also be involve and not just invited at the launch to just come and witness” he added.

Moses Makumbi the commissioner ethics and integrity said, the cultural institution should organize themselves and fight for their space so that they can be visible.

“You have a lot power to influence change in government and at community level use it wisely so that you can also have a voice in decision making then it will be easy to involve you in all government programs” he added.

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