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National Forest Authority representatives meet with Kingdom officialsNational Forest Authority representatives meet with Kingdom officials

National Forest Authority representatives meet with Kingdom officials

By Prisca Oroma


National Forest Authority (NFA) has been urge to harmonize their work with other stakeholders to end the continuous misunderstanding which has led to destruction of properties.

Speaking during a meeting with NFA Officials recently, Hon. Vincent Ochaya Orach the Prime minster Alur Kingdom said that there are a lot of issues coming from Kalwang related to land conflict, destruction of properties and threat against community living near Omeir Forest Reserve.

“I am aware that the chief fled with his family because some armed forces went to his home and looted his things and those of the community which I condemn in the strongest terms” he said.

 He said that After listening to all the complaints, last week he decided to visit the community of Kalwang and the community gathered as usual and gave their sentiments on how they are being handled and their properties being destroyed and of course they listed some names and individuals who are causing fear and grabbing land to plant trees.

“it is good for us to harmonize and see a way we can work together to encourage the community to support government program of restoring Omier Forest reserve” he added

 Meanwhile Albert Aromborach the chief of Kalwang noted that although the land was given to the government of Uganda in 1949 by the king, 5% of this land is supposed to be given back to community as agreed because as it is now the population has increased that is why they are now encroaching on the forest land.

“This has caused arrest and confiscation of the properties of the community of which up to some people have failed to get their properties back despite the follow up therefore clear demarcation must be done so that the community can know where to stop” he said.

But Joseph Otim the Sector manager Pakwach said that whatever they have been doing is within the law and there are activities that are allowed within a forest reserve and cultivation is not one of them and that is why they have been confiscating peoples’ properties and also arresting some of them.

“I am happy that we have been able to meet to discuss some of these issues and we are ready to work with the kingdom to demarcate the land to avoid encroachment” he added.

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